Who are SoLFed?
The South London Federation of Small Housing Associations (SoLFed) is made up of six small social housing associations operating across south London. Each association has its strengths and weaknesses. Through SoLFed the landlords work together to improve the way that services are delivered to residents.

What is the Scrutiny Panel?
The Scrutiny Panel is a group of residents and staff drawn across all the members of SoLFed.
The Panel’s role is to ensure that resident voice - in terms of needs, concerns and aspirations - is listened to, heardand acted upon by the landlords of the Federation.
The Panel will seek to:
• Monitor performance of each landlord against service standards that reflect the needs and priorities of residents
• Explore where good practice is across SoLFed and seek to understand how other landlords in the Federation can learn from that
• Report on its work in each landlord’s Annual Report

Solfed Service Standards: Our Key Commitments
We will:
• Provide great customer care
• Carry out any repair or maintenance to your home professionally
• Listen & respond effectively if anything goes wrong
• Contribute to clean, safe & peaceful neighbourhoods
• Act effectively on all reports of Anti-Social Behaviour
• Allocate homes fairly and welcome new residents and service users effectively
• Be straight in our communications with you and support your involvement with us

The Scrutiny Panel meets every 6-8 weeks. There is a core group of residents involved, and others that drop in from time to time. If you are interested in joining the Panel, please contact your Housing Association.